All the World Birds
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All the World Birds

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Tapa dura, 672 páginas, 34 x 48 cm.


"Before Audubon, there was Buffon’s Histoire naturelle, générale et particulière, originally published in thirty-six volumes between 1749 and 1778. All the World’s Birds comprises selections from the original, which explored all flora and fauna, and features the beautiful full color illustrations by François-Nicolas Martinet. Now this seminal work appears in a handsome, slipcased edition which marks the first publication of Buffon’s writings in one volume with Martinet’s beautiful yet scientifically precise engravings, originally published separately. These wondrous eighteenth century depictions of birds are among the earliest scientific attempts to depict birds in all their detail, and these plates are a milestone in the development of ornithological art. This monumental volume is perfect for any bird lover."